Cultural Night

MIT 66-110

April 27, 2018

Nos chères amis, nuestros queridos amigos, наши дорогие друзья, unsere lieben Freunde, 我们最喜欢的朋友, and finally, our dear friends: VISTA is presenting the first cultural night in collaboration with other international associations at MIT!

From all over the world we came, still, so much unifies us. It is not only the English language, the time abroad, being brave to go a long way to stay a short time. What unifies us is the new and the foreign we deal with every day. Learning by doing? No, rather learning by being! Everyday we are exposed to new cultures, to a new culture in the states, yes, but also to the cultures of our friends here, to the cultures of the places we visited and the places we will live in future.

Let us participate in an exchange, where giving is as equal as taking. Let us know about your origin, your country and what we can learn from there. Let us tell you, what the cultural shock during your last Asia or Latin America trip was all about.